Reconnecting Communities Pilot Grant Program

July 7, 2022

Developed by: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Federal Agency: Department of Transportation

Competitive Grant

Description: Reconnecting a community could mean adapting existing infrastructure– such as building a pedestrian walkway over or under an existing highway– to better connect neighborhoods to opportunities or better means of access such as crosswalks and redesigned intersections.

Recipients: States, Units of local government, Federally recognized Tribal governments, Metropolitan planning organizations, Nonprofit organizations

Eligible projects: Planning studies of: current traffic patterns on the eligible facility proposed for removal, retrofit, or mitigation and the surrounding street network; transportation network capacity; alternative roadway designs or other uses for the right-of-way; impacts to the mobility of freight and people; impacts to the safety of the traveling public; cost; anticipated economic impacts and environmental impacts both human and natural. Public engagement activities to provide the public opportunities to provide input into a plan to remove and convert an eligible facility. Other transportation planning activities required in advance of a project to remove, retrofit, or mitigate an existing eligible facility to restore community connectivity, as determined by DOT. A highway, including a road, street, or parkway or other transportation facility, such as a rail line, that creates a barrier to community connectivity, including barriers to mobility, access, or economic development, due to high speeds, grade separations, or other design factors.

Timing: The application submission deadline is Thursday, October 13, 2022.

More information: View the notice of funding opportunity here. View the program overview here.