Paying Their Fair Share

May 17, 2021

The problem with Michigan’s EV road funding fees and potential solutions.

Transportation electrification benefits the grid at large. Electric vehicles (EVs) are charged withelectricity from the power grid. There are 3 types of EV charging:

1) Level 1: Uses a regular 120-volt outlet and adds approximately 5 miles of charge to the battery per hour. All electric cars come with a level 1 plug.
2) Level 2: Uses a 240-volt outlet, often with special equipment installed, and adds approximately 20 miles to the battery per hour. Some new electric vehicles come with a level 2 plug. Level 2 charging is used overnight or in public areas where drivers stay for a period of time, like at shopping malls, grocery stores, downtown areas, and tourism
3) DC Fast Charging: Uses special equipment that can provide 440-volts and up and charge a
vehicle in less than an hour. DC Fast Charging is done only occasionally, when a day’s
driving exceeds the range on the vehicle.

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