BNG Clean Fuel Corporation

(720) 503-8325

19859 Montview Dr., Aurora, Colorado, 80011, United States

BNG Clean Fuel Corporation (“BNG”) is a clean energy infrastructure startup focused on the storage, delivery, and dispensing of hydrogen (“H2”) fuel to trucking fleets and independent operators that are undergoing a transition from high-emission diesel-powered trucks to zero-emission hydrogen-powered trucks. BNG intends to become a major player in providing H2 fuel needed by the large existing truck fleets seeking to reduce their “carbon footprint” by utilizing abundant, cost-effective, and zero-emission hydrogen. The only emission from hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vehicles (“ZEVs”) using both fuel cell electric vehicle (“FCEV”) technology and hydrogen internal combustion engine (“ICE”) technology is water. The transportation sector is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, with 28% of total emissions. (source: EPA)