U.S. Senate Infrastructure Bill Includes $43.2 Billion Down Payment on Clean Transportation

August 4, 2021

August 10, 2021 UPDATE: Today, the Senate passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, otherwise known as the INVEST in America Act or the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, in a 69-30 vote. Details of the investments are included below. The House returns the week of August 23 and is expected to consider the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act upon their return.

Congress is deliberating a substantial investment in the nation’s infrastructure. This is a historic opportunity to reinvest in American infrastructure, bolster essential industries, and address environmental and social concerns in the process. While deliberation continues, on August 1, 2021, the U.S. Senate released the text of the INVEST in America Act, a bill outlining nearly $1 trillion of infrastructure investments. The bill includes several clean transportation provisions:

  • $13.6 Billion in dedicated electric vehicle investments
  • $7.5 Billion in alternative fuel and electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • $22.1 Billion in additional clean vehicle projects, including low emissions school buses and reducing emissions at ports, among other projects

      For a more detailed analysis, we recommend checking out Atlas EV Hub’s summary of the bill.

We commend Congress and the Biden Administration for reaching a bipartisan compromise. And, there is still much to be done. Clean Fuels Michigan supports additional investments in clean transportation as Congress begins to deliberate reconciliation and other funding mechanisms.

Clean, advanced transportation benefits everyone with cleaner air, good jobs, and a healthy economy. We are encouraged by the INVEST in America Act and hope to continue the momentum so that the clean transportation industry continues to thrive in Michigan and beyond.