Electric Vehicles: Battery Reliability

January 11, 2022

EV batteries are reliable and can be reused even after they are no longer useful to propel electric vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturers provide warranties to guarantee that the batteries will last for years. If something goes wrong, warranties will ensure that the problem is fixed. Most automakers provide at least an eight-year warranty, such as Ford Motor Company’s EV battery warranty for up to eight years or 100,000 miles.

Electric vehicle batteries can have other uses, too. For example, the new F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck can be used to power a home! Also, even after the batteries are not useful to propel an electric vehicle, they can be reused. According to BYD’s battery group, upon removal, a retired EV battery still retains about 50 percent to 70 percent of its power capacity. Nissan uses retired electric vehicles to provide backup power for an arena in Amsterdam. Another example is the joint project between Seven-Eleven Japan and Toyota where retired batteries are used to store solar power outside convenience stores.

Not only that, more research is being done to find the best ways to recycle and reuse battery parts when they are no longer useful in an electric vehicle. Batteries contain valuable minerals and the supply chain is quickly being developed to efficiently re-use or recycle electric vehicle batteries.