National Highway Freight Program

June 14, 2022

Developed by: Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Federal Agency: Department of Transportation

Formula Grant

Description: Seeks to improve the efficient movement of freight on the National Highway Freight Network (NHFN) and support several goals, including—

  • investing in infrastructure and operational improvements that strengthen economic competitiveness, reduce congestion, reduce the cost of freight transportation, improve reliability, and increase productivity;
  • improving the safety, security, efficiency, and resiliency of freight transportation in rural and urban areas;
  • improving the state of good repair of the NHFN;
  • using innovation and advanced technology to improve NHFN safety, efficiency, and reliability;
  • improving the efficiency and productivity of the NHFN;
  • improving State flexibility to support multi-State corridor planning and address highway freight connectivity; and
  • reducing the environmental impacts of freight movement on the NHFN.

Recipients: States

Eligible projects: Funds must contribute to the efficient movement of freight on the NHFN and be identified in a freight investment plan included in the State’s freight plan. In addition, a State may use not more than 10% of its total NHFP apportionment each year for freight intermodal or freight rail projects. Eligible projects include diesel and alternative fuel retrofits under the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program for class 8 vehicles.

Timing: TBD

More information: View the program overview here.