Michigan Introduces “Future Mobility” Plan

October 4, 2022

In September, the State of Michigan presented the MI Future Mobility Plan. The plan will propel Michigan’s leadership in the transportation industry. It will encourage investment in new energy sources for transportation, improved software, and increased EV training with help from leaders across the state. The Governor’s office, the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, and the Michigan Department of Transportation, among others, created the plan to guide state departments and industry stakeholders toward a few key mobility goals. 

The plan provides goals such as “Transition and Grow our Mobility Industry and Workforce,” as well as providing greener and safer methods of transportation. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, Michigan needs to set the groundwork for an advanced transportation industry. The plan seeks to promote an “innovative ecosystem” and transition Michigan’s workforce with skill training and STEM programming. Developing the skilled mobility workforce in our state is crucial to achieving our mobility goals. 

To guide Michigan’s leadership in transportation, the plan suggests more investment in clean energy and transportation. These investments would include EVs, AVs, and modernizing Michigan’s infrastructure.  In addition to these investments, the plan indicates that Michigan should foster a legislative environment with “supportive policy” and community initiatives to maintain our leadership in transportation innovation. 

Policies presented in the MI Future Mobility plan will be paramount to achieving Michigan’s goal of “carbon neutrality by 2050, which includes a worry- free, statewide electric vehicle charging network before 2030.”  

Clean Fuels Michigan applauds the new plan and will support its pillars for improving Michigan’s mobility industry.