Expanded Network

We provide members with the opportunity to connect.

"As a transmission-only electric utility, ITC values being a member of Clean Fuels Michigan as we share a common goal to advance the decarbonization of transportation. Clean Fuels Michigan fosters a strong and diverse coalition of members who work collaboratively with industry and policy stakeholders to advance meaningful and lasting clean transportation initiatives in Michigan."

Elizabeth Hunt,
ITC Holdings Corp.

Exchange of Ideas

Across industries, who you know matters. Clean Fuels Michigan provides members with the opportunity to connect with one another to build long-term mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Through various Clean Fuels Michigan programmings such as virtual webinars and in-person events, members have the opportunity to connect with other clean transportation industry leaders. These convening events provide a forum for members to share ideas, advice, and industry experiences.

Connections in Action

Clean Fuels Michigan has hosted virtual roundtable discussions on topics including the Council on Future Mobility and Electrification Report, Michigan’s Build Ready Sites program, the timely importance of investing in clean mobility for economic and community development, and medium and heavy-duty vehicle electrification. These discussions allow industry leaders to ask questions and voice their perspectives in breakout rooms and general forums.

Networking Opportunities

In September 2022, Clean Fuels Michigan is hosting the first DISRUPT! event in Detroit, Michigan during the Auto Show. We hope to continue this event annually for our members and businesses helping to transition Michigan to a cleaner, more equitable system. 

Shared Conference Booths

Clean Fuels Michigan provides a list of large conferences around the country that we are willing to support a collaboration between our members to share a large 20×20 booth. This can save costs, and provide a great networking experience. If you are interested please contact jessica@cleanfuelsmi.org to learn more.