Clean Fuel Profiles: Economic and Environmental Benefits

June 8, 2021

A report on electric, ethanol, hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, and propane vehicles and their respective economic, technological, and environmental benefits.

Over the past decade, states across the country have grappled with ways in which to support investment in clean fuel technologies that can reduce their carbon footprint and support vibrant, healthy communities and economies. More and more, states are turning to the clean fuel sector to support their environmental and economic prosperity through the deployment of clean fuel vehicles and the captured investment in related technologies. Clean fuels are fuels that have a lower carbon intensity than the standard for the fuel they replace. Examples of clean fuels include most types of ethanol, biodiesel, natural gas, biogas, electricity, propane, and hydrogen. As the leading producer of cars and trucks in the United States and home to 17 original equipment manufacturer (OEM) headquarters or technology centers, Michigan is well-positioned to lead in this sector (Detroit Regional Chamber n.d.).

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